• Aunt Chloe: A Journal of Artful Candor

    Historically grounded in artist-activism, Aunt Chloe is situated at the crux of every social justice movement—forever bound by its mission of reclaiming, through creative expression, the time and space that black women have been denied. What began as a Spelman College literary journal called Focus (published from the 1960’s until the early 2000’s) metamorphosed into Aunt Chloe in 2009.

  • The Journal of Equity in Behavioral Health Therapy

    The JEBHT is an international open access journal that focuses on the needs/strengths of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) therapists and therapists-in-training as they prepare for, or engage in, behavioral health therapy and their needs/strengths as they work to improve access to services and decrease stigma about the services.

  • Litteratus

    Litteratus differs from the traditional student anthology in its multidisciplinary focus and its use of various media to express creative thought. 
  • Challenge Online

    Challenge publishes scholarly papers on all issues germane to the African Diaspora. Particular emphasis is placed on African American men, their families, and their communities within this global context. Challenge is an interdisciplinary publication of Morehouse College, housed within the division of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Challenge also publishes special issues with papers presented at colloquia, conferences, and invited papers on selected themes. Unsolicited papers related to the themes may also be included in these special issues.

    This journal is no longer accepting submissions.