Examining the Impact of a Pan-African Study-Abroad Program Model in Promoting Pan-Africanism and Global Competency Skills Among University Students of African Descent

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Booker Ammah, B., Walls, R. ., & Walls, A. (2022). Examining the Impact of a Pan-African Study-Abroad Program Model in Promoting Pan-Africanism and Global Competency Skills Among University Students of African Descent. The Journal of Equity in Behavioral Health Therapy, 1(1). Retrieved from https://journals.auctr.edu/index.php/jebht/article/view/565



This article presents a uniquely developed Pan-African Study Abroad Model utilized in Ghana to promote Pan-Africanism and global competency skills among university students of African descent. The article advances to outline the steps in undertaking a pilot study conducted to test quantitative and qualitative research protocols aimed to evaluate the Pan-African Study Abroad Model. To date, few methods measuring global competency acquisition have been developed with a Pan-African lens, a glaring absence in the field of international education. Two research questions guided the study: 1) What is the impact of study abroad programs to participants' global competency skills for students of African descent? 2) How does a Pan-African Study Abroad Model promote Pan-Africanism among participants? The study sample included the target population of university students of African descent who participated in a Pan-African Study Abroad Program Model in Ghana. The pilot study indicates that the qualitative and quantitative instruments were trustworthy and valid. The data revealed the following among respondents: 96% of the respondents agreed that their level of understanding about African culture increased after their Pan-African study abroad experience, 92% of the respondents agreed they understand the importance of Pan-Africanism for the advancement of African people globally, and 88% of the respondents agreed that the study abroad experience in Africa linked them on how they can promote Pan-Africanism through their future careers. The pilot study allowed for instrumentation toward larger-scale and longitudinal studies. Finally, the article highlights that using a Pan-African Study Abroad Model for students of African descent may contribute to positive mental health outcomes related to identity development. The authors propose that it could be one of the major areas of future research as mental health and wellness in the Black community is a significant issue due to persistent systems of oppression, structural racism, and increasing disparities amongst the Black diaspora.

Keywords: Pan-African model, Black liberation, study abroad, de-colonization, Africa


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