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Full Issue

Focus 2007

Focus: the Literary Magazine of Spelman College, 2007

February 19, 2020


Editor’s Note


Wanda Coleman, Ars Poetica

Maisha Pesanta, James

Noliwe Brooks, On Understanding Star Wars is For Real

Andrea M, Wren, A Day at School

Donna Hill, Epigram For Athena

Mendi Lewis, Meeting

Alice Walker, I,Too,For Freedom

Then and Now, Today's Focus Talks to Yesterday's


Brittny Ray, Shed

Michael Johnson, Eros and Thanatos

James E. Cammon, Sit and Wish

Teresa teggard, double dutch

Franz Neumann, Skinny

Joanne Lowery, Multitasking Imani Marshall, On: Easy Street

Katrice Grayson, Becoming An Interview With Pearl Cleage


Intisar Abioto, Boy on a Bridge

Fred Salyers, What God Intended

Fred Salyers, Walting on Cake

Fred Salyers, The Fear to Fly

Intisar Abioto, Pink Spirit

Intisar Abioto, We Three


Paule Marshall, Crom "Shaping My Art"

Paule Marshall, To Da-duh, ln Memoriam

Sharan Strange, Hunger

Sharan Strange, Childhood

Toi Derricotte, An Interview with Sharan Strange