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Aunt Chloe: A Journal of Artful Candor, 2013

Aunt Chloe: A Journal of Artful Candor, 2013

February 20, 2020



Joplin's Ghost (excerpt),   Tananarive Due

Aunt Chloe on Work, Opal Moore

Toiling,   Kyla Marshell

Grandma's Hands, Leonard Moore

Lessons were Made, April Gibson

As American As Apple Pie, Maya Richard-Craven

Errand Girls, April Gibson

Sky Watchers, John Grey

Sweetie,   Taylor Holmes

How She Sings, Leonard Moore

morning, kourtney e

Bad Box Karma, April Gibson

at first,   kourtney e

What’s Crawling in the Garbage, John Grey

Slipper Glass, Domestication, Something in the wind, April Gibson

How to destroy your house in twenty minutes, Alisha Erin Hillman

Rebecca Speaks to Henrietta of First and Lasting Impressions, Sonya Pouncy

Pack Your Bags and Come Home to Me, Banah Ghadbian

Special Section: Work

“Women in Writing Communities" Excerpt, Melba Joyce Boyd

Waking Up at Home, Leslic Reese

The Bass is Woman, Melba Joyce Boyd

Circle of Fifths, Holly Day

Early Morning, Late June or Lone Woman in a Garden of Eden, Alisha Erin Hillman

Good Black Work, Kyla Marshell

One Connected and Disconnected Fragment from The Animal Farm, Doug Draime

Derivatives, Banah Ghadbian

Don't Call Me Jack, Buki Papillion

Piano Keys, Cora Manning

Images, Kyung Hee Im